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Mystery Magician Seeks Cinefamily…

Every once in a while here in the Cinefamily (the revival movie theater in Los Angeles of which I’m one of the programmers), we receive an unsolicited piece of…well, “stuff” that we’re at a loss to fully comprehend. About a … Continue reading

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THE FAUVES (re-post)

Yikes. Wow. It’s been a month since I had the time to update. Here’s a stopgap post until I can get some new stuff together — a look back into the ECR archives, to bring to light something I dug … Continue reading

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new stuff soon…

My workload has put a bullet in the head of my posting anything for the past few weeks — but I’m heading out to SXSW, so hopefully my restful early afternoons will be filled with writing/posting. Crossing fingers… cheers bret

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Another week and a half flew by — look for another post in a day or two, order folks – xoxo bret

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Sooner or later, every one of my favorite MP3 blogs comes forth with no new posts for a span of a few weeks’ time — instead only offering a short note of apology, and the promise of more good shit … Continue reading

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A few days ago, I heard that Google, at the pressuring of the RIAA, went through another round of Blogger MP3 blog deletions. Thought nothing of it — as this isn’t the first time it’s happened — until earlier today, … Continue reading

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This week’s been another one of those grit-yer-teeth holyfuckingshit kinda periods at my workplace, so I haven’t been able to get up anything new this past few days. Many sorrys for that, but I’ll be digging my heels in and … Continue reading

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BRET on KXLU 88.9fm tomorrow morning!

If anyone’s interested, I’ll be returning to my alma mater, KXLU 88.9FM Los Angeles, tomorrow (Friday) morning, from 6-10AM (PST). I’ll be spinning four hours of top-shelf extended funk jams — and I might post a megamix of all the … Continue reading

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NATIONAL LAMPOON RADIO HOUR — bigger archive, partial re-post (part 3 of 3), + a bonus LP!!!! (1973-4) Here’s the rest of what I have now in my collection, along with a bonus: The 1974 “Official National Lampoon Stereo Test … Continue reading

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My band’s been on tour for a week, and I’ve only now had Internet access for the first time — will hopefully get something new up in the next day or two — or maybe later today — xoxo bret

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