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ECR #054

The Gold Standard Laboratories (GSL) record label was my gateway drug into the fertile music underground of the late ’90s and early ’00s. After growing into a huge fan of the label, healing I eventually became friends with its owner … Continue reading

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ECR #053

The above image is of possibly one of the worst tattoos on earth (does he know that the girl in the picture has been rendered like an illustration from Mad Magazine?). Track listing: Make-Up – If They Come In The … Continue reading

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ECR #052: spotlight on Lungfish

Lungfish have been on the Dischord record label for a very long time, adiposity and have released ten albums — and if someone (in this case, Ian MacKaye) likes a band that much, then I owe it to myself to … Continue reading

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ECR #051

Once again, viagra approved jus’ letting you know my band is on tour right now, information pills and I’m outta town until April 6th, so posts might be slow in coming like this one — but I’m trying! My office … Continue reading

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ECR #050: spotlight on Judas Priest

I’m going out of town on tour with my band for almost the next 4 weeks, salve and I don’t know how often I’ll have Internet access on the road — so this next month of posts may not exactly … Continue reading

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ECR #049

Been watching some of the recent DVD box set of the second season (’76-’77) of “Saturday Night Live”, visit and I’m struck by how much of the show’s sketches fall flat on their face. No, not pratfall like Chevy Chase … Continue reading

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ECR #048: spotlight on Der Plan

This has absolutely nothing to do with the great German NDW band Der Plan, this but if you ever make it out to the Cleveland area (as I did two months ago, gastritis ) you would be a great goddamned … Continue reading

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ECR #047

Been listening to a lot of German stuff while struggling through my continual sneezing/nose-dripping fits. Tried Benedryl for the first time for my allergies, gonorrhea and had the damnedest time while my fighting my way through a wicked brain fog. … Continue reading

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ECR #046: spotlight on Japan

Rarely does a rock band undergo such a severe transformation in their short years in the public eye as Japan, health care whose debut album, “Adolescent Sex”, marked them as New York Dolls imitators in 1978, but as quickly as … Continue reading

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ECR #045

I’ve got pretty bad allergies sometimes, pills but in investigating what makes people sneeze, drug I ran across the tidbit below on Never heard of the condition, and glad I don’t have it: “Do you know anyone who sneezes … Continue reading

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