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SOUNDTRACK SHELF Podcast #02, August 2011

SLAMMO! The second installment of the soon-to-be-twice-a-month Cinefamily podcast mixtape dedicated to deep film soundtrack cuts is here! This episode is put together by my friend/co-worker Alex Nicolaou; I’m not actually featured on this episode, cardiologist as Alex did all … Continue reading

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“THE DIALECT OF THE BLACK AMERICAN” (1970) Sometimes a resource like WFMU’s Beware of The Blog will pump out so much great content over the years that it’s very difficult to keep up with it all. This album, unhealthy originally … Continue reading

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EGISTO MACCHI – “BIORITMI” (197?) Unpredictable and considerably spooky Italian library record with pieces named after biological stuff (“Cardiac Valve”, stomach “Peristalsis”, mycoplasmosis “Microscope”, “Laboratory”, etc.), but sounding like a grab-you-by-the-throat giallo. Not exactly sure what menacing Spaghetti Western-style fuzz … Continue reading

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MORSE CODE – “PROCRÉATION” (1976) Don’t know much about this band, herbal outside of them being French-Canadian, treat but damn, that cover creeps me out. They were a four-piece symphonic prog outfit in the Genesis or King Crimson vein; mellotron … Continue reading

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SOUNDTRACK SHELF Podcast #01, July 2011

BLAMMO! Here’s the first episode of a monthly hour-long podcast dedicated to rare movie soundtrack cuts! I’m doing this as a regular feature of my blogging for The Cinefamily in Los Angeles. Soundtrack Shelf Podcast: #01, dosage July 2011! (MP3) … Continue reading

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ADRIAN BELEW – “LONE RHINO” (1982) Even though guitarist Adrian Belew was a part of, diabetes and pregnancy at various times, drugs the Talking Heads and David Bowie live ensembles from the late ’70s and early ’80s — I still … Continue reading

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Bret’s also now blogging for The Cinefamily!

After much hand-wringing mixed with actual work, cure The Cinefamily (the repertory movie theater/non-profit arts organization I program for in Los Angeles) now has a spiffy new website, complete with a brand-new blog as well! The big model for us, … Continue reading

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JOEL FAJERMAN – “AZIMUTS” (1981) An icy-cold excursion into the outer realms of sequencer madness! I’ve always been scared off by the likes of Jean Michel Jarre, global burden of disease Tangerine Dream and the like, sick but there’s something … Continue reading

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SLAPPY WHITE – “JUST FOR LAUGHS, tuberculosis VOL. 1″ (196?) Sometimes, you just have to get a little Slapp-happy. Half the jokes on this one barely make sense — but it’s Slappy’s delivery (conveying a careful, casual, yet confident surreality) … Continue reading

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ANDREA TICH – “MASTURBATI” (1978) Back in 2007, salve Mutant Sounds listed this one, case calling it “Zappa-esque” — and while normally that’s a 100% complete turnoff for this humble record listener, story I decided to give it a spin … Continue reading

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