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It’s obvious to anyone who checks this space regularly that I’ve been absent for a handful of months — here’s the podcast I did for my theater, cheap The Cinefamily, back in April. I just finished Episode #10, but I’ll … Continue reading

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ISABELLE ADJANI – “PULL MARINE” (1983) Everyone close to me is now thankfully obsessed with Possession, prosthetic the shamanic and completely unique 1981 horror film about divorce starring Sam Neill and Isabelle Adjani. This is a “holy fucking shit!” kind … Continue reading

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THE LINKS – “AND AGAIN ONCE AGAIN THE LINKS” (197?) I was just hipped to this one by a good friend a few days ago — and it is one wonderfully ridiculous piece of work that’s been making the blogosphere … Continue reading

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It’s been some weeks now, unhealthy but it was time to put together another soundtrack mixtape for ya. A significant number of tracks this time around come straight from audio rips of the films themselves, as many of the movies … Continue reading

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SOUNDTRACK SHELF PODCAST #07: Another Dose of Horror!

Good god, no rx six weeks between the last post and this one?!?! You should be ashamed of yourself! We’ve been much busy here in the office with a gazillion different items, prosthetic but we’ve finally coughed out the next … Continue reading

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This horror-themed playlist is the first time that Bret and Nicolaou have collaborated together on an episode of the podcast — spot which tracks came from whom, find and win a year’s supply of canned soup! DOWNLOAD: Soundtrack Shelf Podcast: … Continue reading

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The Cinefamily’s Alex Nicolaou is back with another hour-plus set. KA-PLABBO! The Wings Hauser song from Vice Squad alone is worth the download here, internist let alone all the other cool stuff – DOWNLOAD: Soundtrack Shelf Podcast: #05 (MP3) Playlist: … Continue reading

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SOUNDTRACK SHELF Podcast #04: feat. guest DJ Nathaniel Thompson!

This episode, diagnosis I’m joined by guest DJ Nathaniel Thompson — a longtime friend of the revival movie theater I program (the Cinefamily), treat a fantastic collector of soundtracks, physiotherapy and the man responsible for producing the 3-disc special edition … Continue reading

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Mystery Magician Seeks Cinefamily…

Every once in a while here in the Cinefamily (the revival movie theater in Los Angeles of which I’m one of the programmers), capsule we receive an unsolicited piece of…well, “stuff” that we’re at a loss to fully comprehend. About … Continue reading

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SOUNDTRACK SHELF Podcast #03: August 2011 Part Deux!

We were serious about making the Soundtrack Shelf podcast a twice-a-month thing, stomatology rather than just a monthly thing. And, WHAMMO!, here ya go! Soundtrack Shelf Podcast: #03, August 2011 Part Deux! (MP3) Playlist: Contamination – Connexion (Goblin) Beverly Hills … Continue reading

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