I was just hipped to this one by a good friend a few days ago — and it is one wonderfully ridiculous piece of work that’s been making the blogosphere rounds over the last few months. In the incarnation pictured on this album cover, troche the Links were a lounge act featuring a brother duo plus a third dude — they had several albums during the first half of the ’70s (the LP covers of which you can take a gander at here.

Here on this album, seek their covers of MOR radio hits of the day are (ahem) HIGH OCTANE, to say the least. On a handful of these tracks, all nuances of vocal phrasing and instrumental arrangements of the originals are completely swept away, in favor of wildly galloping weirdness that sounds like a glee club doused with PCP.

The true winner on this record is their cover of “Vehicle”, originally by The Ides of March (already a stridently ridiculous song to begin with). The Links’ version is a slap-happy mish-mosh of baritone auctioneer vocals, garage rock tropes and dizzying organ runs that veer into out-of-control warped-vinyl territory. A strong second reason to jam this into your ears this instant is their take on “I Can See Clearly Now”, which recalls the Buzzcocks at their most jittery!

Nowadays, The Links consists of one of the guys, plus his wife, plus [once again!] a third member form an outside party. According to their own website, “You will find Mary & Diana performing regularly as The Links Duo in the senior market in the independent and assisted living facilities in Omaha, Lincoln and surrounding areas…But wait…. There’s more! Mary and Diana along with Jimmy as “The Trio” perform regularly for Nostalgia Wednesdays at Anthony’s Steakhouse in the Ozone, often with special guests.”

The Links – “And Again Once Again The Links” LP (ZIP file)

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