It’s obvious to anyone who checks this space regularly that I’ve been absent for a handful of months — here’s the podcast I did for my theater, cheap The Cinefamily, back in April. I just finished Episode #10, but I’ll post that here in the next few days. Episode #09 was recorded under the heavy influence of Andrzej Zulawski, the mad Polish film genius whose soundtracks are just as bloody, sumptuous and frenetic as the music contained here.

DOWNLOAD: Soundtrack Shelf Podcast: #09, April 2012! (MP3)

Welcome To L.A. – The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter (Richard Baskin)
Stridulum aka The Visitor – Stridulum Theme (Franco Micalizzi)
Stridulum aka The Visitor – Hospital Sequence (Franco Micalizzi)
Stridulum aka The Visitor – Jerzy Again (Franco Micalizzi)
Stridulum aka The Visitor – Atmosphere (Franco Micalizzi)
Stridulum aka The Visitor – Stridulum Theme #2 (Franco Micalizzi)
Blue Jeans – Blue Jeans (Nico Fidenco)
Belladonna of Sadmess – Take It Easy (Masahiko Sato)
The Naked Ape – The Elephant Hunt (Jimmy Webb)
Madeline, Story of a Nightmare – Ipnosi (Maurizio Vandelli)
L’Amour Braque – Prologue (Stanislas Syrewicz)
L’Amour Braque – Epilogue: Où Tu Voudras, Quand Tu Voudras (Stanislas Syrewicz)
The Important Thing Is To Love – Love Theme (Georges Delerue)
My Nights Are More Beautiful Than Your Days – Opening Credits (Andrzej Korzynski)
La Femme Publique – Générique Début: Version Longue (Alain Wisniak)
La Femme Publique – Ethel’s Tango (Alain Wisniak)
Possession – Opening Credits (Andrzej Korzynski)
Szamanka – End Credits (Andrzej Korzynski)
On The Silver Globe – End Credits (Andrzej Korzynski)

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