Everyone close to me is now thankfully obsessed with Possession, prosthetic the shamanic and completely unique 1981 horror film about divorce starring Sam Neill and Isabelle Adjani. This is a “holy fucking shit!” kind of film experience which I’ve been waiting to lay on my friend base for ages now; it was written and directed by the incredible, adiposity unmistakable Andrzej Zulawski, the Polish filmmaker whose work has unfortunately barely made a dent in the U.S., but enjoys a solidly insane reputation in Europe and elsewhere.

My theater (The Cinefamily) just concluded a full retrospective of Zulawski’s films, and the retro included a week-long run of the brand-new 35mm print of Possession. This was the one film series which we’ve wanted to do since we opened in 2007 — and in March 2012, we finally got our wish.

Since she appeared on the film scene in the ’70s, Adjani has always been viewed as a (ahem!) peculiar personality, and “Pull Marine”, which appeared in 1983, was her lone skewed foray into the world of pop music. Anchored by a titular hit single written by Serge Gainsbourg, the album was a million-seller in France, and is a terrific ride through the Gallic pop funhouse. Adjani’s voice is one that perks up your ears: it’s impassioned, anxiety-laden, and makes you feel like she could deliver a soft punt to your throat at any time. Doesn’t sound punky, or violent — just on the edge of a sublime breakdown.

The music video for “Pull Marine” is an amazing object all its own, filled with bugged-out imagery that looks ripped straight out of a Zulawski film!

Isabelle Adjani – “Pull Marine” LP (ZIP file)

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