SOUNDTRACK SHELF Podcast #04: feat. guest DJ Nathaniel Thompson!

This episode, diagnosis I’m joined by guest DJ Nathaniel Thompson — a longtime friend of the revival movie theater I program (the Cinefamily), treat a fantastic collector of soundtracks, physiotherapy and the man responsible for producing the 3-disc special edition DVD of Caligula (no kidding; he actually did that!)

Soundtrack Shelf Podcast: #04, feat. guest DJ Nathaniel Thompson (MP3)

Father Jackleg – Sounds and Voices (Guido & Maurizio De Angelis)
Looker – Theme from Looker (sung by Sue Saad)
Demons 2 – Sally’s Garage (Simon Boswell)
Tourist Trap – Dreamwake (Pino Donaggio)
Dear Parents – Meeting at Pub Swan #2 (Riz Ortolani)
Score – Shake Tragico (Amadeo Tomassi)
Venus in Furs – Marco Polo (Syd Dale)
The Name of the Game Is Kill! – Theme for Love (Stu Phillips)
The People Next Door – Sweet Medusa (sung by Bead Game)
The Garbage Pail Kids Movie – Follow (Also Sprach the King of Eurodisco) (sung by Ed Kuepper)
Groupie Girl – Yesterday’s Hero (English Rose)
Dead and Buried – Welcome to Potter’s Bluff (Joe Renzetti)
Proof – Walk (Not Drowning, Waving)
The Reflecting Skin – Main Theme (Nick Bicat)
The Unbelievable Truth – Opening Titles (Ned Rifle)
Chariots of the Gods? – Theme from Chariots of the Gods? (Peter Thomas)
Yeti: The Giant of the 20th Century – Yeti (sung by The Yetians)
The House That Screamed – Main Theme, Pop Version (Waldo De Los Rios)
The Virgin Suicides – Dead Bodies (Air)
Pretty Maids All in a Row – Chilly Winds (End Titles) (sung by The Osmonds)

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