SOUNDTRACK SHELF Podcast #01, July 2011

BLAMMO! Here’s the first episode of a monthly hour-long podcast dedicated to rare movie soundtrack cuts! I’m doing this as a regular feature of my blogging for The Cinefamily in Los Angeles.

Soundtrack Shelf Podcast: #01, dosage July 2011! (MP3)

Son of Dracula – Daybreak (Harry Nilsson)
The Cannonball Run – Cannonball (Ray Stevens)
Perfect Strangers – I’m A Shadow on the Walls of the City (Michael Minard)
Lifeforce – Theme (Henry Mancini)
Crosscurrent – Moose Chase (Jerry Goldsmith)
Brazil – Brazil (Michael Kamen)
Who Is Harry Kellerman and Why Is He Saying Those Terrible Things About Me? – Bunky And Lucille (Shel Silverstein)
Super Fuzz – Super Snooper (La Bionda)
The Black Angels – the “Cigarettes” song (??)
Lost Horizon – Question Me An Answer (Burt Bacharach, page vocal: Bobby Van)
Super Fuzz – Rocket Theme (La Bionda)
Sex Pistols radio spot
Heart of Glass – Hüter Der Schwelle (Popol Vuh)
The Pyjama Girl Case – Il Corpo Di Linda (Riz Ortolani)
Carrie – Sue’s Dream (Pino Donaggio)
Dune – Take My Hand (Toto)
Skidoo – Skidoo (Harry Nilsson, vocal: Carol Channing)

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762 Responses to SOUNDTRACK SHELF Podcast #01, July 2011

  1. roger_camden says:

    Dune soundtrack


  2. What th’…! “The theme song from “Skiddoo??!!” Damn your eyes, sir, for reminding me of this, this… thing!!

  3. Bilbicus says:

    Super Snooper! One of my all time fave films! I had to go hunt down the soundtrack so I had the full thing. Thanks Bret for reminding me of this gem. Not too sure about that question answer song though, but I generally hate anything with kid voices in it.

  4. cwalls says:

    Awesome podcast!