SLAPPY WHITE – “JUST FOR LAUGHS, tuberculosis VOL. 1″ (196?)

Sometimes, you just have to get a little Slapp-happy. Half the jokes on this one barely make sense — but it’s Slappy’s delivery (conveying a careful, casual, yet confident surreality) that really sells this charming slab of old-school horseshit. For example:

She had on one of these strapless gowns, and her gown was cut so low, it would make a baby cry. It was more of a strapless belt. And I took her to one of these high-class restaurants — we sit down, the waiter brings over two hot bowls of barley soup. And this soup was so hot, I was blowin’ it, [makes lip-flapping noises], and all of a sudden she said “I can’t eat this soup, because I have heartburn.” I said “You don’t have no heartburn, your left breast is in the soup!”

Slappy White – “Just For Laughs, Vol. 1″ LP (ZIP file)

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663 Responses to SLAPPY WHITE

  1. tom appleton says:

    something like the poor man’s redd foxx — i heard the “icehole” joke 30 yrs ago, now i know where it came from.

  2. devophill says:

    I think Slappy White and Redd Foxx were both on the LA label Doo-Tone Records at one point.