Mystery Magician Seeks Cinefamily…

Every once in a while here in the Cinefamily (the revival movie theater in Los Angeles of which I’m one of the programmers), capsule we receive an unsolicited piece of…well, “stuff” that we’re at a loss to fully comprehend.

About a week and a half ago, my co-worker Suki answered the office phone, and was puzzled by the person on the other end who wanted to “work with us”, and wanted our mailing address so that he could send us “a unique opportunity.” The fellow didn’t want to describe what he had in mind (of course), so we immediately put it out of our minds the second she was off the phone.

Imagine our surprise when, one week later, a printed-out version of the image below appeared in our physical mailbox, encased inside a PICTURE FRAME.


We’re not entirely sure who on earth this kind of thing would actually work on — the picture-frame-in-the-mail thing, I mean, not the magic trick thing. Dude must’ve spent at least $10 on the framing and mailing it to us, unless he found the frame at a garage sale.

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741 Responses to Mystery Magician Seeks Cinefamily…

  1. sitehopper says:

    It seems he is trying to get himself a venue for his show. Well, if your audience can appreciate a campy sideshow and he only requires a percentage of the ticket sales why not get along with it.
    At least he deserves some free publicity by quoting his name here, apparantly magic is a tough business !

  2. Brian Patchett says:

    Jesus, I think it’s Charlie Lustman.

  3. It’s like an older person’s attempt to grasp and utilize that new-fangled ‘viral marketing’ flibberty floo they keep hearing about.
    It’s kind of charming, in a way.
    It also reminds me of all the often craft, sometimes sad lengths folks will go through to get you to notice their CD, demo, etc.
    The first time I saw someone use a 5″ floppy for a CD cover, I thought it was cute. After a while, it got tedious.

  4. egyptiankitty says:

    wow……..just wow.

    Thank god people like this exist in this world, though. Keeps things entertaining.