Don’t know much about this band, herbal outside of them being French-Canadian, treat but damn, that cover creeps me out. They were a four-piece symphonic prog outfit in the Genesis or King Crimson vein; mellotron licks drape this album like a heavy velvet cloak. Make sure you check out the track “Des Hauts et des Ha!” first — it’s mighty ridiculous and rad at the same time. And I gotta give it up for the 26-minute title track, which explores the same kind of territory as some of the longer O.G. jams of Van Der Graaf Generator.

I have a friend from France who told me recently that the Quebecois accent is “ugly”, and comparable to a kind of nasal “Valley girl” thing. I can mostly hear it, as French-Canadians speak with a much flatter tone than the typically jowly Gallic way of speaking. I’m sure most French-Canadians would probably say that the Euro-French tone sounds snooty and pompous, like someone from the U.S. would rip on a stuffy Brit for speaking nothing but “pfeffer-feffer puh pfeffer-feff.”

Morse Code – Procréation” LP (ZIP file)

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  1. Thanks for this! Iwas just up in Quebec & saw a copy of this for more than US$20 which I thought was a bit much for a pure roll of the dice. Now I can hear it.

    I’m just beginning to delve into the Quebecois social movement & music scene of the ’60s/’70s… it
    ‘s a whole parallel universe we hear nothing of in the US. I’ll be posting some Quebec stuff in the coming months as I give the records I did buy a listen. One of them was a K-Tel-type collection from the ’70s which features a Boule Noire track from the album you posted earlier.