An icy-cold excursion into the outer realms of sequencer madness! I’ve always been scared off by the likes of Jean Michel Jarre, global burden of disease Tangerine Dream and the like, sick but there’s something about this record that is incredibly inviting, and not like all the work of all those others. Before I peeped the whole thing, a cursory needle-drop gave me the impression that it was the perfect soundtrack for a skiing documentary filmed in the fourth dimension; indeed, I was correct.

Other Fajerman album titles such as “Prism”, “Turbulence” and “Electric Ice” give me the impression that it should’ve been he, not Daft Punk, that scored Tron: Legacy. Perhaps then it would’ve been somewhat more tolerable a moviegoing experience.

Joel Fajerman – “Azimuts” LP (ZIP file)

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596 Responses to JOEL FAJERMAN

  1. Holly says:

    Cool. Literally ! Thank you.

  2. TWM says:

    Very neat share here but its horribly tagged. Might want to fix that for others who want to play this in their media programs/or mp3 players.

  3. bret says:

    TWM, the way it’s tagged is the way I found it. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, sir. Besides, the artist name and the album name are correct, plus all the song titles are spelled correctly, so what else do ya want? It’s last name first, first name last in the Artist field because that’s how my entire collection is — and that’s how Library Science 101 dictates it. Everybody else’s downloads everywhere else on the whole Internet are completely fucked up in the tag department, is my feeling.

  4. LaRondaBleu says:

    Thank you for this share, Bret. You didn’t have to do this, so for that, I can’t give you enough praise.

  5. smoggo says:

    i think you are unfairly putting down that daft punk soundtrack. it is very influential with the young people.