ES – “WHAM BANG” (1979)

This one strongly reminds me of one of Amon Düül II’s greatest achivements: 1978′s “Only Human” (a very controversial opinion, women’s health I know — most people list ADII’s early works like “Yeti” or “Phallus Dei” as their creative peak, but they too quickly dismiss the slicker, [and I do think the quotation marks here are appropriate] “commercial” later ’70s stuff for what it is.)

“Wham Bang” has the same kind of delicious retardo “Star Wars cantina” energy — and it features a dude named “Zabba” on the drums!

ES – “Wham Bang” LP (ZIP file)

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  1. nix says:

    Thanks for this and the Amon Duul recommendation. Keep the awesome posts a-comin’!
    yeeee hawww!