Unpredictable and considerably spooky Italian library record with pieces named after biological stuff (“Cardiac Valve”, stomach “Peristalsis”, mycoplasmosis “Microscope”, “Laboratory”, etc.), but sounding like a grab-you-by-the-throat giallo. Not exactly sure what menacing Spaghetti Western-style fuzz guitar and spidery string sections have to do with a track named after the wave-like muscle contractions that pass food down the digestive tract, but if this is the sound of digestion, then I probably should start eating milder foods. Whatever the case, it’s rad.

Egisto Macchi – “Bioritmi” LP (Library: Gemelli) (ZIP file)

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846 Responses to EGISTO MACCHI

  1. robin tomens says:

    Great stuff…’Voix’ and ‘Futurissimo’ are also superb.

  2. iZen says:

    In the humble opinion of iZen…this is one of the best things you have ever posted. “Rad” is an understatement. Thanks for injecting this into the ZenArcade. It will be properly digested.