Bret’s also now blogging for The Cinefamily!

After much hand-wringing mixed with actual work, cure The Cinefamily (the repertory movie theater/non-profit arts organization I program for in Los Angeles) now has a spiffy new website, complete with a brand-new blog as well! The big model for us, blog-wise, is WFMU’s Beware Of The Blog, with its massive flows of of cultural analysis and tasty tidbits of found video/audio/ephemera, etc. In addition, we’ll also be posting MP3 downloads of our sizeable archive of in-house Q&A sessions we’ve conducted with actors and filmmakers over the years (such as Harmony Korine, Ben Gazarra, Alexander Payne, David O. Russell and more!) I might even start podcasting for the blog as well — we’ll see how that shakes out.

One particular series of posts I’m cooking up for the Cinefamily blog is an ongoing gallery I’m calling the Sci-Fi Cover Art Hall Of Fame; for years, I’ve been collecting sci-fi paperbacks that both appeal to my reading tastes, and have outstanding eye-popping freakazoid cover art. Just launched that series yesterday — you should check it out!

Have no fear — this in no way means that I won’t be doing Egg City Radio anymore. On the contrary — it’s giving me the energy to keep pushing ahead with ECR in a more focused manner!

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732 Responses to Bret’s also now blogging for The Cinefamily!

  1. Lee says:


    I love the cover-art post and am looking forward to reading more on the Cinefamily blog. The WFMU blog sets such a high standard. I’m glad we’ll have a West Coast blog representin’.

    Quick question: why did you call the post the “Hall of Hame” instead of “Hall of Fame”? Is there a joke or a reference there that I am missing?


  2. bret says:

    Ha! Cuz it was a typo. Oops!

  3. bao-bao says:

    Thanks for the tip to the new site. I’ve enjoyed lurking at Egg City Radio for a while now and will check in at the other site, too.