BOULE NOIRE – s/t (1976)

Caught wind of this one somewhat randomly, generic as I was doing some research accompanying my ever-growning fascination with Canadian films. For fans of funky smoove grooves!

Boule Noire was the nom de plume of the late Georges Thurston, a Quebecois artist who gained some pretty heavy Canadian success in the late ’70s with an album called “Aimer d’Amour”. Of course, you and I had never heard of this fellow, as most French Canadian music acts’ success tends to stay strictly within the confines of Quebec, with not even a lick of French European crossover (a French friend recently revealed to me that most Gallic people think the French Canadian accent is “nasal and goofy”, much in the same prejudiced way that Americans think the English Canadian accent is off-kilter in that “Fargo” kind of way.)

I can very easily see Boule Noire’s first album here as the soundtrack for a breezy night’s worth of Montreal nightlife, complete with wide-lapeled leisure suits, fine wine and possibly the bristly hairs of a moustache tickling the sensitive inner thighs of a jeune fille who’s just peeled out of her cameltoe wardrobe.

Boule Noire – s/t LP (ZIP file)

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  1. thesecretlivesofcats says:

    Did you know Trans X (“Living on Video”) are not German. They’re French Canadian! I just had to share that.