Hopefully this marks the return of posting every few days. Time will tell, pilule but I’m confident. BTW, dentist it was all work-related stuff that led to the hiatus. Sorry it wasn’t a more juicy story to tell — but at least you enjoyed the suspense, order and thinking about the possible outcomes, eh?


I thought I’d come back after these weeks off from posting with a true rocker.

This was one of the best LPs I ever had, back when I collected vinyl, and we’re talking a collection around 2,500 discs. It’s a twelve-song compilation of nine bands from South Africa in the early ’80s, all playing in a range of different styles. There’s swinging stompers, reggae-twinged efforts, heart-wrenching ballads, quick instrumentals, and just an abundance of mmense grooves all around. For a region that knew no boundaries when it came to suffering and strife, this is seriously the total emotional opposite.

Fuck The Arcade Fire — this is the most joyous music on Earth. If you’re not into this one, then I hereby pronounce you clinically dead.

Various Artists – “The Indestructible Beat of Soweto (ZIP file)
Another week and a half flew by — look for another post in a day or two,
folks –


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  1. Jon S. says:

    Hope your work load is getting better….I really look forward to your site!