Soundtrack albums for films, hospital TV and plays are nothing new — but a soundtrack album to a filmfestival? “Bloodnight” is possibly the only one of its kind, tablets a dodo bird in the wild of record collecting.

The film festival in question was the “12th Paris International Fantasy and Science Fiction Film Festival”, healing and I suppose for promotional purposes, the fest had French library music composer Yan Tregger do up an entire LP’s worth of stuff. The album’s second side are covers(!) of music from two Lucio Fulci films from 1981 (“The Beyond”, with music originally by the great Fabio Frizzi — and “The House By The Cemetery”, with music originally by Walter Rizzati.). This is all well and good, nothing too crazy there — but side A is positively bursting with some looney-tunes shit!

Side A has four original tracks, with some of the dumbest English-as-a-second-language lyrics I’ve ever heard — and that includes Goblin’s score for “Squadra Antigangsters” (1979). These are “Bloodnight”, “Shout In The Dark” and “Stab (Festival Ouverture)”, and a “Bloodnight” instrumental reprise. These all fall into the retardo-Italodisco category. One listen to side A, and you’ll soon be asking yourself two very important questions: “WHY?!?!”, followed by “Why am I bothering to ask why?”

Also, check out that sweet faux-H.R. Giger “Heavy Metal magazine”-style cover! How could anything that looks like that not be worth a listen?

Yan Tregger – “Bloodnight” LP (ZIP file)

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  1. Very amusing your write-up. In my days of listmania at Amazon, I discovered some of the greatest movies of all time on lists such as Dario Argento’s or Bava’s work and then found Goblin (all in time for my 2004 trip to Rome on a Globus tour, I found Deep Red, Dario’s store and bought the Goblin double CD black one. Love ‘em. It make life a movie for me and hey, I’m 1/2 Italian. But my point is thanks for you great humor and blog.. ha ha