VYTO B – “Tricentennial 2076″ & “Automatic Vaudeville (1976/1985)

One blog post that mentions Vyto B categorizes the music as simply “Psych”, but I’m not sure that applies here. This music is in a category of its own, a little corner at the intersection of Billy Joel and Captain Beefheart! “Tricentennial 2076″, released in (of course) 1976, is a marvel of whacked sci-fi lyrics, sensitive singer/songwriter touches and killer piano playing, and the title track is intoxicating. “Automatic Vaudeville” is more New Wave, but don’t discount it.

There doesn’t seem to be any one central source of info on the dude, but I’m gathering that he’s from the Chicago area –

Vyto B – “Tricentennial 2076″ (ZIP file)
Vyto B – “Automatic Vaudeville” (ZIP file)

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924 Responses to VYTO B

  1. iZen says:

    Hey Bret,

    I’m just listening to this latest post. Some little gems here that will be in the next ZenArcade mix.

    Just a heads up…the first track on Automatic Vaudeville comes up as Camille West from the “Mother Tongue” album.

    OK then


  2. Justin says:

    automatic vaudeville is like a more happy go lucky version of that uncomfortable gary wilson atmosphere of some guy hanging out with his mannequins making music.

  3. Ford MF says:

    Just listening to Tricentennial 2076 and … wow. Just wow. I must’ve repeated “Miracle Device” twenty times today. This continues to be the only blog that blows my mind on a regular basis.

  4. Roo says:

    I’ve been listening to this album pretty regularly for the last 24 hours…I love it! It’s bizarre but strangely cabaret…I feel like I’m walking from a piano bar to a blues bar and back again…