Vincent Price’s secret second life was as a gourmand — in-between gigs playing mad doctors, surgery Edgar Allen Poe creations and Cardinal Richelieu, more info Price was a lover of fine food and even finer wine. He even went so far as to publish his own cookbook, “A Treasury of Great Recipes”!

Sometime in the ’70s, Price recorded a series of instructional cooking LPs (one source I found said that the series was called “The Beverly Hills Gourmet”), a few of which I use to have when I had my big LP collection back at the beginning of the millenium. It was a pure joy to hear Price’s extra-careful enunciation tell me how to make Greek, Chinese and Mexican taste treats — kind of like the drunken Orson Welles “frozen peas commercial” thing, but with out the drunk part.

As a bonus, there was an extra album dedicated to the appreciation to vino — “Wine Is Elegance”. Just found and listened to this one — it makes for a great bike ride listen!

Vincent Price – “Wine Is Elegance” LP (ZIP file)

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  1. Chris says:

    I’m gonna check out this bike ride theory today. I’ll get back to ya.

  2. Ian Zamboni says:

    Haha, This is sample central.

  3. Maki says:

    Hey man!! I want my Vincent Price cooking records back =’{