Sheesh — almost another week went by without me posting. Lest you think I’ve got a loop playing in my head of Danny Glover from “Lethal Weapon” saying “I’m gettin’ too old for this shit, viagra ” delete those fears — I’m just hammered from work stuff and the other things in life that hammer you.

HOWARD SHORE – “VIDEODROME” soundtrack (1982)

This is one of the finest works by Howard Shore, pills the music man behind almost all of David Cronenberg’s films. It ranks up there with his Cronenberg scores for “Naked Lunch” and “Scanners”, and is a nifty re-interpretation of the music as it appears in the film “Videodrome” itself — kinda like an early attempt at a remix thing, an audio collage more than a traditional film score.

I both love and hate “Videodrome” the film — it’s alternately Cronenberg’s best and worst work. It’s got the craziest, most dark and deeply mindfucky plot of all — it’s the perfect encapsulation of his anxieties, obsessions and dreams — and it’s got some seriously dummy dum-dum writing and acting. James Woods knocks it out of the park as lead sleazeball Max Renn, but a lot of the supporting cast, including a bewildered-looking Debbie Harry, don’t seem to live up to the high standard of the film’s gonzo premise. Still, it’s more adventurous and exciting than 95% of what passes for sci-fi in our age.

Howard Shore – “Videodrome” soundtrack LP (ZIP file)

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