Gotta admit, nurse I didn’t actually finish this album all the way through — I nearly pulled the trigger on the Winchester whose barrel was stuffed in my mouth, but then I got the better of my senses, and forwarded onto to something else.

Seriously, though, there are some novelty records I purely can’t hang with. The Pipkins’ “Gimmie Dat Ding” is NOT one of them, however; I can listen to that five times a day and still be content. This “Uncle Bill” series of recordings, though, just zapped me of all will. I’m providing it for you as one of those public service deals –

Zero info on “Uncle Bill”, aka Burt Wilson, exists online, so I’m going to assume that he was a cabaret-style performer who banked on his W.C. Fields impression (and the rotund gut that nicely went along with it). This album consists of Uncle Bill getting hip to the sounds of folk and West Coast psych, as he does various covers, stuff like “Bottle Of Wine” and “Mighty Quinn”. I must note that the album starts quite tremendously, with a quite trippy Uncle Bill monologue set to some rollicking backbeat.

Also, of interest to any late ’60s pop fans is the fact that on the album, Uncle Bill is backed by Peppermint Trolley Company, who’s best known as the group who sang the “Brady Bunch” first-season theme song.

Uncle Bill – “Uncle Bill Socks It To Ya” (ZIP file)

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797 Responses to UNCLE BILL

  1. Will says:

    Hey Bret,

    Not downloaded this (yet!) but just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for an amazing site. ECR has introduced me to soooooooo much great music and given me huge pleasure over the last …. Sorry to be an awful brown noser, but just had to say it. Thanks mate, take it easy!

    p.s. And you’re right, The Pipkins lp is f’kin’ superb!

  2. J. NoNo says:

    I’ll second The Pipkins. The lass even likes that one. She often gets “Gimme Dat Ding” stuck in her head and sings it out loud (usually around bedtime).

  3. Bilbicus says:

    This looks amazing. The circus clown one was obscure, but this…love your site, keep up the good work and please, more novelty records!

  4. Howdy says:

    This is absolutely aweful. Thanks for subjecting us to this mess. Excellent site.