CHRISTIAN BRUHN – “TIMM THALER” soundtrack (1979)

This one’s a reader request — I’d never heard of this show, health this soundtrack or this composer before, pills but now I’m glad I have! This disc is full of ridiculous swirling synths and other eerily wonderful “library music” touches. Discogs.com sez:

Original soundtrack from ‘Timm Thaler’, story a german 70s cult TV-series about a boy that sold his laughter to a baron called Lefuet (The german word for ‘devil’ backwards). In return this devil guarantees that Timm will win all bets.

In looking up Christian Bruhn, it seems he also scored a 1986 German film called “Captain Future”. Anyone heard that one before? Found a Badongo URL for it, but it turned out to be a dead link –

Christian Bruhn – “Timm Thaler” soundtrack (ZIP file)

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  1. FrF says:

    Actually, “Captain Future” is a Japanese anime series which consisted of 52 episodes. Christian Bruhn wrote the soundtrack for the German version. The title theme can be heard at


  2. Garth Marenghi says:

    Hello!, firstly thanks for uploading this great soundtrack! (back when soundtracks used to be interesting!) Nice fat cosmic synths…… you piqued my curiosity with captain future, and I found this still active link here: http://heinouberspace.blogspot.com/2007/07/captain-future-soundtrack-von-christian.html
    you have to download each track individually, good quality, and sounds fantastic also!,
    All the best

  3. com peiler says:

    thanks for timm thaler – wow, that was my youth…

    for captain future take this one: http://www.mediafire.com/?dym2ilcjorx


  4. andrew m says:

    Found a mediafire link for Captain Future that is alive.


  5. Conrad says:

    I’ve seen both Timm Thaler and Captain Future. I never really like Timm Thaler for the book it is based on is way more fun. But the fairly mindless manga series (at least 3 or 4 seasons, I would guess) ‘Captain Future’ about Captain Future and his spaceship crew saving the universe on numerous occasions from diverse catastrophies was quite a favorite.
    I recently found some episodes on the net and watched them but must say they a really bad. The soundtrack did seem rather futuristic at the time and the title song has a quite tacky melody though I didn’t know it was ‘cult’ before reading http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Captain_Future#Anime
    Nonetheless thanks for sharing, and if you do find the soundtrack to captain future somewhere I would be interested in hearing it (again).

  6. WmPerry says:

    Have you seen this site?
    6+ Human sexual response videos just for starters( th “land of the glass pinecones” clip i saw on DON KIRSCHNER’s ROCK CONCERT ! FUck! How did THAT happen? nobodies ever makin that kind of mistake again. they were so good live-wish i’d seen them
    Further generous helpings of mission of burma playing in what looks like a fake wood panelled-basement rec-room
    near 100 vids overall, and so far all worth having.

  7. IVOR says:

    I have the score he did for an 80′s German kids show called “Manni, Der Libero” which is fucking GREAT. I use some tracks as background music on my radio show…

    Info about the show:

    Download the record here:

    So good!

  8. Martin says:

    Bruhn scored a lot of German TV in the 1970s and 1980s. He also did (amongst others) the scores for the German versions of the Mangas Heidi, Sindbad, Alice in Wonderland, and Wickie the Viking, as well as the TV Series Silas, Jack Holborn, and Patrik Pacard.

    I think that the music for Silas and Patrik Pacard are most illustrative of his work. No idea where they can be found on the web, though some pieces are on youtube, and most of them can be bought via amazon.de.

  9. Chriddof says:

    Wow, never knew there was an album for this. I’m from the UK and back in the late 80s this show was shown on BBC1 under the name “The Legend Of Tim Tyler”.