The Unknowns were one of the many bands that quickly became important to me after I discovered them through New Wave Theater, illness the short-live L.A.-based early-’80s punk and new wave free-for-all that aired on Night Flight, doctor and was hosted by Peter Ivers. Trouser Press sez:

The Unknowns play pure ’60s garage rock with Mosrite guitars (displayed and mentioned on the cover for added authenticity), buy more about heaps of echo and tremolo, and incorporate various period genres (surf music, Creedence swamp choogle, psychedelia, punk) into their songs. The [self-titled album] shows them in greater command of their musical vocabulary and adds traces of the Animals, Yardbirds, Blues Project and the Doors to spice things up considerably. A rendition of Buddy Holly’s “Rave On” ties up a neat package of heavily stylized nostalgia.

The track that got me into all this was “The Streets”, which, on record, may not stand out as much, but the live version I saw on “New Wave Theater” was so powerful that I gave the band a little more leeway than usual, when diving into their stuff.

The Unknowns – “Dream Sequence” EP, 1981 (ZIP file)
The Unknowns – s/t LP, 1982 (ZIP file)

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130 Responses to THE UNKNOWNS

  1. Adam says:

    Thanks for these, they are really kicking. Definitely going to be in the mix for summer.

  2. Bud says:

    I’ve had these on endless repeat for days. I don’t know how I missed these guys before but these records might just be changing my life.

  3. kot666 says:

    It made us dance the whole saturday afternoon in the living room, thanks again, I never say thanks but I got loads of downloads from you, GREAT JOB!!

  4. danny g says:

    saw these guys once and they were amazing! even more amazing was the singer – blind and disabled!

  5. libertine says:

    Now this is really funny: I bought this album 28 years ago from a bin for 1 German Mark – and the first time I ever listen to it is here and now. (By the way, the same thing happened with Bill Wyman’s obscure solo album.) Thanks a lot!