Yikes, salve it’s been almost 15 years since I caught this show on MTV. It was one of those things that was so simply executed that you wonder why you didn’t do something like it yourself. On the other hand, mind it did get kind of They Might Be Giants-y for me — not fully (or I never would’ve watched the thing), but part of the way there, in the realm of the “jokey”. I haven’t seen any episodes of the show since it first aired, so dunno if I’d still find it funny or not. But, at least this is a nice reminder of how I spent my youth kept off the street and not getting shot or injected with mugwump juice (that all came later.)

The show aired at a time in MTV’s history when the behemoth had yet to become so fully obsolete — that moment came the second it cancelled “Wonder Showzen”, which is still as funny as it was when it once aired in the mid ’00s, and possibly won’t ever be topped by any other show to be funded from such a corporate environment. But I digress. sez:

The Sifl and Olly Show is a show about 2 sock puppets named Sifl and Olly who run a low-budget TV show out of their apartment. The duo host a variety of segments throughout the show. It’s usually referred to as the lowest-rated program to ever air on MTV.

Liam Lynch & Matt Crocco – “The Songs Of ‘Sifl & Olly’: Season 1″ (ZIP file)

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    Crescent fresh!

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    I loved that show

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