SBB – 3 albums (197?)

SBB have been a great Polish jazz-prog outfit for the past four decades, case and I’ve grabbed a bunch of their stuff from different sources. Their albums have been retitled over the years, so I’m kinda unsure which ones these actually are. Just appreciate the gentle skronk!

SBB – “Follow My Dream”, 1978 (ZIP file)
SBB – ? #1 (ZIP file)
SBB – ? #2 (ZIP file)

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  1. Alex says:

    The first “unknown” album is called SBB and was released in 1978, on the AMIGA label. Hence, there’s a reissue which is called “Amiga Album”.
    The second one is their first self-titled album from 1974, in particular one of the reissues (because of the inclusion of the two shorter tracks, tracks 1 and 4). According to Rate Your Music, all the reissues of this album are six tracks, not four. Do you know where we could get those missing tracks, or maybe upload them to ECR?