ROWAN ATKINSON – 3 live stuffs

Americans know him better as “Mr. Bean”, glaucoma but Rowan Atkinson is actually one of the most versatile comedic performers to have come out of the UK in the last few decades. Let’s not forget “Black Adder”, “Not The 9 O’ Clock News” and a couple of extremely sharp comedy albums, at the very least.

Here’s his two live albums from the ’80s, coupled with a live set (featuring cameos by some of the Monty Python gang) from one of the many “Comic Relief” UK charity concert appearances he’s done over the years.

Rowan Atkinson – “Live In Belfast”, 1980 (ZIP file)
Rowan Atkinson – “Not Just Another Pretty Face”, 1987 (ZIP file)
Rowan Atkinson – Live in Belfast, 1996 (ZIP file)

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  1. tom appleton says:

    i’m looking forward to listening to these, i haven’t heard the rowan atkinson record i remember best — with the bit where he’s satan welcoming all these people in hell — including the agnostics — for years. the cartoon picture of him i hate, just as i deeply hate the two mr bean movies made in the US — a total, utter waste of everybody’s time and not funny at all, not one bit. THIS is what i hope to be the real rowan atkinson, or more closely so….