BLEEP BLURP BORP I LOVE YOU!!!! This album never fails to bring all work in my office to a halt, illness so we can all do the chicken dance.

This is fast becoming one of my fave library records. It’s full of short analog synth compositions on the theme of “extremely annoying and devolved.” Kinda like how total madness-seeming an album of circus calliope would be, for sale but more circuit-bent. This is music to bash your brains out with a hammer to! The online record shop French Attack, when selling a sealed LP copy of this for 40 Euros, described it as a “definitive collector item for any Dada/absurd/Monthy Python fans.”

Roger Roger was one of the kings of library music, and this album is part of the Neuilly series out of France (easily one of the best and coolest libraries, one which also employed library composer giants Janko Nilovic, Cecil Leuter, Yan Tregger, Jean Bouchety and Nino Nardini!) claims:

French library label founded 1970 by Louis Delacour after his period as A&R and label manager of Editions Montparnasse 2000. Musicians like Janko Nilovic, Guy Boyer and Roger Roger often switched between Neuilly and MP2000. Neuilly uses its sub-label Crea Sound Ltd. to release their TV background music in Canada (Quebec) and France.


Roger Roger – “Musique Idiote” LP (ZIP file)

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  1. psb says:

    check out Roger Roger – Music for Fun (1968) -
    just as absurd!

  2. Dan says:

    Fun fact: Roger Roger and Cecil Leuter are the same person. I can’t verify your description for _Musique idiote_–it’s still downloading–but it would probably work just as well for Leuter’s _Pop electronique_ record.

    Thanks for all the great posts. I found your site about two weeks ago while scouring Google Blogsearch for Captain Beefheart stuff. Kind of bad timing for a Beefheart bender, but…

  3. Roo says:

    I played this at work recently near the end of the day, when people were going mad wanting to home. I think the general consensus was that it’s the music the insane hear in their heads…Ironically…I love it…