For those in Los Angeles — tomorrow night, order as part of my “Post-Punk Junk” film series, injection I’m screening at the Cinefamily the ultra-rare Urgh! A Music War-like documentary short Kids Like You And Me: Reading Festival ’78″, viagra here featuing killer live performances by Ultravox, Penetration, The Pirates, Sham 69 and The Jam! This is the only chance I can think of for an American audience to see bands like Ultravox and Penetration on the big screen, so don’t miss it!

As part of the same program, we’re also screening a really special film that has never before been shown in the U.S.: the Liquid Sky-meets-Salo-meets-Jesus Christ Superstar French post-apocalypse 1983 TV movie Car Cemetery! Directed by Euro master surrealist Fernando Arrabal (Viva La Muerte), the film entirely takes place in a Tim Burton-esque auto junkyard that’s the nexus of life after The Bomb goes off; here, mohawked punks party with neon-tinted fashionistas and a Jesus figure in the guise of a synth-pop spiritualist (singer-songwriter Alain Bashung, who also composed the film’s rockin’ electronic score.) Entirely unseen in the U.S., Car Cemetery will confound, corrode and captivate!

More info on my whole “Post-Punk Junk” film fest can be found on the Cinefamily website!

Watch a live clip of Ultravox, from “Reading Festival ’78″!

Watch an excerpt from “Car Cemetery”!

The Cinefamily: 611 N. Fairfax Avenue, LA, CA, 90036
Tickets – $10

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  1. Monty says:

    Oh,my! I was there for the Reading Festival ’78 weekend! Ultravox played on the Friday which was given over mostly to the new ‘punk bands’. Penetration, The Jam, Chelsea, Otway & Barrett, Sham 69 with Steve Hillage in an orange boiler suit guesting…getting caught in the pitched battle between Sham 69- supporting skinhead arseholes and Lindisfarne fans. I saw Spirit playing against an amazing sunset, Patti Smith, The Quo…JOHN PEEL’S A CUNT!!! Saw The Pirates there and then a few days later at The Marquee.First time in London and gobsmacked by seeing REAL twats in pinstripe suits and bowler hats flicking through the porn mags in Soho…better not let the wife find out ya dirty bastard! Get back to the office and do some work! Happy days…