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I bet you none of you have ever heard this album. It’s probably no secret why either.

Released at the very tail end of Prince’s contentious gazillion-album contract with Warner Brothers, cure “Chaos And Disorder” got lost in the shuffle, as it was merely a contractual obligation on the part of Prince to deliver it, and for Warner Brothers to release it. Not only had Prince fallen out of public favor somewhat because he’d released a gazillion albums of middling quality for the past several years beforehand, but like Michael Jackson, he’d grown increasingly out of touch, mutating into an aloof wacko instead of the aloof sex symbol he’d previously been.

His “comeback” of sorts with the triple album “Emancipation” (1997) may have set the tone for his new jazzy, soppy R&B (the uninteresting kind that he still continues to make), but “Chaos And Disorder”, released the year before, is a curious throwback to the kind of thing he so effortlessly tossed off during the height of his hitmaking powers. And that’s exactly what this album is: a toss-off, but an entertaining one, full of eyebrow-raising ideas and mysterious funkiness. Allmusic sez:

“For the first time since 1987′s Sign ‘O’ the Times, Prince has made a pop/rock album, complete with squealing guitars and sighing melodies. None of the songs qualify as major songs in Prince’s canon, but that’s part of the record’s charm — Prince sounds like he’s having a good time, and he could really care less what anyone else has to say. Or, as he puts it in one of the album’s best and most careening tracks, “I Rock, Therefore I Am.”

Chaos and Disorder sounds immediate, like the songs were recorded the same day they were written. While that might mean there’s a handful of throwaways scattered throughout the album, there are wonderful moments like the stuttering jazz-funk of “Dig U Better Dead,” the scathing “Had U,” the psychedelic clashes of the title track, the heavy rock of “I Like It There,” and the beautiful “Dinner With Delores,” a rough gem that ranks as one of Prince’s simplest and most charming singles of the ’90s. So, Chaos and Disorder isn’t Prince’s best or most important work, but it is a really fun listen, especially if you’re willing to accept it as what it is — a record that does nothing more than rock.”

This is one of the very few Prince albums to remain out-of-print. It’s not even on iTunes or the Amazon MP3 store.

Prince – “Chaos And Disorder” LP (ZIP file)

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677 Responses to PRINCE

  1. TWM says:

    Actually, this is one of my favorite Prince albums….hugely solid work. ‘I Rock Therefore I Am’ = 11 out of 10 on my Prince meter. Much more unknown than this album i’d venture is his 25-minute single:

  2. Todd says:

    I can’t believe it’s out of print… One of my favorites of his last WB albums, when prince cds would just show up in the store with no hype what so ever….

  3. Roger_Camden says:

    I totally own a copy

    not a single strong song

    but a very consistent listen

  4. Hah, see how you are, I finally comment once or twice and you start throwing me platters from my home town my way. My neighbor there at my first house used to let me dub his bootleg Prince from when we would go to WAXTRAX record store there but I have to listen to the 3 of them first, from when (and he still does) open his studio for a gig after bar hours on the weekend. Some historic nights there as I would go to his Uptown shop and get the skinny on the gigs no shop anymore tho’ ;>}
    The only official Prince I have is the “Dinner With Deloris” cassingle. Didn’t know all the rest tho’ …Hanx! as SLF would say.

  5. cz says:

    I picked this up a few years ago from a $1 cutout bin, and it was good enough to fool me into buying a handful of his other post-name-change discs. (I’d pretty much tuned out after “Diamonds and Pearls.”) They’re all okay, there are a couple of truly amazing songs, and this record’s more like a Prince record than anyone else could possibly make, but he was right: He’s wasn’t that guy anymore.

  6. Bill says:

    Well worth a listen. Thanks!

  7. Sem Sinatra says:

    Mr ECR
    I always look forward to your posts.
    Always something to learn.
    Come and have a beer with me in Japan. I’m buying.