PRINCE (2 of 2)

PRINCE – 3 more live sets (1986-88)

In surveying the entire Prince catalogue, drugs the biggest surprise to me was that he followed up the utterly brilliant “Purple Rain” with possibly his most boring pre-N.P.G. album, “Around The World In A Day”.

Thoughts, y’all?

Also, I just finished the pretty decent unauthorized bio “Purple Reign”. Anyone out there read this one?

Prince – Sabotage: Live, San Francisco, 1986 (disc 1, ZIP file)
Prince – Sabotage: Live, San Francisco, 1986 (disc 2, ZIP file)
Prince – Live, July 18th, 1988, small club aftershow (ZIP file)
Prince – I Should Koko: “Lovesexy” Tour Aftershow, Camden Palace, London, July 26th, 1988 (ZIP file)

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  1. James says:

    Brett -

    I read it (bought a $1 copy from a remainder table). It’s…okay, but angles toward facts and/or gossip – it’s a straight bio, in other words. I much prefer Per Nilsen’s book, which analyzes Prince’s career in terms of his music and sticks to the recording studio or live performances. Nilsen’s book only runs up to 1988 (it’s subtitled “The First Decade”) and I’m hoping he publishes more books on the next two decades.

  2. LSD 25 says:

    Always loved that story about how the Mick personaly got Prince off the Stones tour (around the Controversy album). Because Prince was too good a front man.

  3. James says:

    LSD 25 -

    Rumor has it that the recording of the rioting crowd that ends “Pop Life” was recorded from one of Prince’s shows opening for the Stones – yep, they’re booing the Purple One off the stage (or so legend has it).

  4. Adam says:

    There is at least one hot jam on Around the World: “Tambourine.” I like how every album in that era had its own sound. Lovesexy is where the downturn started for me. By the time he released Come I gave up. Considering I was such a fanatic in the 80s that I had bootleg records and CDs of all the b-sides and unreleased tracks, I can’t believe there are 16 albums I’ve never even bothered listening to.

  5. thesecretlivesofcats says:

    My opinion:

    I think Around the World in a Day has some really great songs on it (esp. Pop Life, his best). Very inconsistent. He was kind of taking a risk and trying to jump on the Paisley Underground bandwagon. To back you up….it was a bit of a miscalculation–as far as helping him gain world domination and total control goes–to not follow Purple Rain up with something solid and accessible. Ah, youth. But it was enigmatic…and fun to decipher who was who on the album cover.

    It can be a bit of a funky comedown sometimes, but 85-88, based on his releases and bootlegs was his richest, most complex period. From what I’ve read he was a control freak getting really tight with his band and whomever else he grabbed to collaborate with…and working the hell out of them. He also delved into odd string arrangements with Claire Fischer. But the pressure was on. This was the era where the record company got a bit more involved in what he could and couldn’t release which was a shame because he opened up and got a bit freaky…

    Also, any era where a well-payed, musical genius starts manipulating his voice to sound like an alter ego munchkin named Camille can’t be all that bad.

    Thanks for the tunes!

  6. wahwahpedal says:

    Is there a DVD of THAT Lovesexy aftershow available somewhere?

  7. Jimi Hey says:

    If you’re a fan then it’s definitely worth reading. I have the Purple Reign book you mentioned, Possessed, the Per Nilsen one, and I also have Dez Dickerson’s (he of the kamikaze headband in the 1999 and Little Red Corvette videos) autobiography, “My Time With Prince”, which is poorly written but also worth reading if you’re a fan for an inside perspective. And regarding the above comment, it’s well documented in various books that Prince willingly left the Rolling Stones tour and was not kicked off by Mick. Mick actually tried very hard to convince him to stay on the tour but Prince was fed up after two shows with the booing crowds who were chucking things like sacks of raw meat and shoes at him. – Jimi

  8. Mister G says:

    Actually, ATWIAD is not a bad album but a strange choice for the U.S. market after the PURPLE RAIN lp. in fact, this record prefigures the universe and the sound of the following one, PARADE! i like all the tracks on it, except “The Ladder” (it sounds like a leftover from PURPLE RAIN to my ears) but my two favourites are “Condition of the Heart” & “Temptation”