One of my greatest cinematic infatuations has always been Rainer Werner Fassbinder, breast the German auteur who cranked out a little over forty incredible films in an incredible thirteen-year span. “Fox And His Friends”, more info “The Merchant Of Four Seasons”, “Martha”, “Whity”, “Fear of Fear”, “Why Does Herr R. Run Amok?”, “Beware of A Holy Whore”, the epic miniseries “Berlin Alexanderplatz”, “The Stationmaster’s Wife” — I could keep going all night. Don’t get me started.

Peer Raben remained one of Fassbinder’s most loyal and important collaborators, doing the scores for just about every single one of Fassbinder’s films. Some years ago, I was entranced while combing through the soundtrack aisle at Amoeba Records in Los Angeles, as I’d come across a 3xCD set called “Music For Fassbinder”, a career-spanning compilation of tracks from Raben’s Fassbinder scores. The hefty import price tag shooed me off immediately, and I’d been unable to hear it, until a few weeks ago.

Peer Raben, “Music For Fassbinder”, disc 1 (ZIP file)
Peer Raben, “Music For Fassbinder”, disc 2 (ZIP file)
Peer Raben, “Music For Fassbinder”, disc 3 (ZIP file)

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    Awesome awesomness of cool proportions. Thanks.

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    just wanted to thank you and let you know that your site is just INCREDIBLE…so many treasures in one place. wonderful work…hope you can keep this going! thanks!!!