The sound of Orson Welles’ voice is an enrapturous thing. It got even more captivating when he was drunk.

Most of the recorded evidence of his voice during the last few decades of his life was probably laid down to tape when he was sauced. While I can’t be definitely sure that that’s the case here, check I’ll give it an educated guess that it is.

This here’s a group of autobiographical interviews Welles laid down sometime in the ’70s, viagra 100mg issued as a companion to the Peter Bogdanovich book of the same name.

Orson Welles – “This Is Orson Welles” (ZIP file)

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  1. Dan Buskirk says:

    Awesome! Thanks so much…

  2. Ernest Gallo says:


  3. murcuryvapor says:

    Crumb crisp coating.

  4. fritzthecat says:

    sounds great

  5. Pober Saltine says:

    Been looking for this for years! Many thanks

  6. kevin says:

    hey bret, nice post! i have these on tape somewhere. i think some of the most interesting stuff for hardcore orsonites is the discussions of unfinished or aborted projects. and hearing him talk about his learning process was interesting too.

  7. Ciaran says:

    Thank you so much for these. Just heard John Siuntres on Word Balloon podcast extolling the virtues of these tapes and had to listen. Have the book on order too just to play readalong with. Cheers.