Here’s one I’ve plucked from the awe-inspiring Mutant Sounds pile. I must’ve downloaded this a few years ago, web and only gotten around to listening to it now. Apparently, this is a side project from the bass player of L.A. goth-tinged post-pun band 45 Grave (which featured Germs drummer Don Bolles).

This one’s a scorching slab of freaky-deaky, criss-crossing from psych to punk to skronk, from muttering to pure unadulterated shrieking!

No-Y-Z – “Sheer Electronic Din” (ZIP file)

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114 Responses to NO-Y-Z

  1. Roo says:

    Listened to the whole thing this morning. The first track is my favourite…”What are the last three letters of the alphabet?” “Why, XYZ!” “No…Y Z!” DINNNNNNN!

  2. Ford MF says:

    I’m only just now starting to put this in heavy rotation after downloading it forever ago, and it is effing amazing.

  3. kristy says:

    oh wow, this is amazing so far, this might end up on a college radio station if I actually get some ambition and apply to be on it