Sorry about there not being the full album in the “Sterntaler” ZIP file — it looks like that’s actually all I had of it!

MICHAEL ROTHER – 3 albums (1977-79)

One of the silent geniuses of the Krautrock canon, seek Michael Rother was one-half of the duo Neu!, side effects and is easily one of the best guitarists of the era. His fretwork is so ridiculously smooth at times, that it sounds like he’s playing chocolate pudding instead of a guitar.

After three albums and and years spent arguing with Neu!-mate Klaus Dinger, Rother went onto form Harmonia with Cluster’s Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Dieter Moebius — and then spent the remainder of the ’70s crafting three fantastic solo albums, aided on drums by Can’s Jaki Liebezeit (deliberately playing in a quasi-Dinger style, complete with that unending Motorik beat.)

Michael Rother – “Flammende Herzen”, 1977 (ZIP file)
Michael Rother – “Sterntaler”, 1978 (ZIP file)
Michael Rother – “Katzenmusik”, 1979 (ZIP file)

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718 Responses to MICHAEL ROTHER

  1. Campfires & Battlefields says:

    What a treasure trove. Thank’ee. Bowie wanted Rother to play guitar during the “Heroes” sessions, but he was busy (probably making Flammende Herren), so they called in Fripp instead. Not a bad second-stringer.

  2. scott says:

    Hey, this is awesome, thanks! FYI Sterntaler isn’t all there – only two songs included in the zip.

  3. Roger_Camden says:

    “Zeni” has the prettiest, saddest melody

  4. Jon says:

    Thanks for these, been anxious to hear these solo albums for some time! I am having a similar problem with Sterntaler though, only two songs in the zip file.

  5. LSD 25 says:

    Rother did a show in New York last year, he was a opening act and it was not widely advertised. I believe it was a one off event.

    He was fantastic.

  6. Mr X says:

    I can hear the influence of the great Hank Marvin throughout these superb recordings which I bought on vinyl after the NME put Katzenmuzik in the top 30 albums of 1979. How on the pulse were they then!

  7. Maury says:

    For more on Rother’s back story check out http://www.penultimatetruth.blogspot.com