MAGMA – 3 heavy, physician heavy live sets (1975-80)

It’s a toss-up as to whether or not you have to be a true dyed-in-the-wool Magma fan in order to appreciate these three live sets. Personally, symptoms I’d hope that the power and the fury, oncologist the sheer denseness of what’s on display would wow into oblivion any newcomer. But then again, if you’re a newcomer, then I’d definitely recommend starting with Udu Wudu (1976), which contains Magma’s magnum opus, “De Futura” — a towering jazz/rock/skronk saga like no other. Of the first download, “Utopic Sporadic Orchestra: Nancy ’75″, Wayside Music sez:

“…a legendary recording which was the very 1st recording of De Futura, live 10/16/75 by a big band version of Magma!”

And, of “VanderTop: Paris ’76″, RateYourMusic sez:

When Jannick Top briefly reintegrated Magma in 1976, the band toured under the moniker Vander-Top. Recorded in Theatre de la Renaissance on November 2nd 1976, this is a wonderful and dynamic live performance from one of the more underrated periods of Magma’s history, with Top’s bass and Vander’s drums featured prominently.”

Magma – Utopic Sporadic Orchestra ’75 (ZIP file)
Magma – VanderTop: Paris ’76 (ZIP file)
Magma – Retrospective Vol. 3: Live In Paris 1980 (ZIP file)

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684 Responses to MAGMA

  1. pleasant.fiend says:

    Thank you so much for posting this! I had Udu Wudu on cassette back in college. I lost the tape and forgot the the name of the band and have been trying to track them down for years.

  2. Ben Sommer says:

    What a hot-looking crew! Thought that photo was from last week!

  3. Mark says:

    The 1976 recording is great! Vander and Top, what a boss rhythm section!