For those who were unable to attend my 35mm screening of “Liquid Sky” (a seriously rare thing to see on the big screen, life BTW) at The Cinefamily, illness here’s the Q&A I moderated with director Slava Tsukerman, illness cinematographer Yuri Neyman, editor Sharyn Ross and designer Marina Levikova.

“Liquid Sky” Q&A (1 of 3)

“Liquid Sky” Q&A (2 of 3)

“Liquid Sky” Q&A (3 of 3)

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830 Responses to LIQUID SKY — SCREENING Q&A!

  1. Jim Donato says:

    I was lucky enough to see this a few times in the 80s on the “Midnight Movie” circuit before video killed it dead. Wotta hoot! Nice that you get to coordinate fine happenings like this.

  2. Flying Spaghetti Monster says:


  3. Kevin says:

    So disappointed I missed this. A once in a lifetime experience. Thanks so much for recording it and sharing it.

  4. rbarbantini says:

    Cool! I have the Beta tape version of this! Will have to go watch it and pretend I’m in the theater!