KEVIN AYERS – live + rare (early 1970s)

I’ve plugged Ayers three times before in the past — I just love his ultra-laid-back delivery, rehabilitation and his silly, treat yet plantive lyrics. Here’s two live sets, plus a batch of BBC radio sessions.

The real revelation for me here was the live versions of “We Did It Again”, an super-long jam that I don’t believe appears on any Ayers studio album (correct me if I’m wrong there, since I want to hear the studio original if it is floating around out there).

Kevin Ayers – BBC Radio 1 Live in Concert, 1972 (ZIP file)
Kevin Ayers – Singing The Bruise: BBC Sessions (ZIP file)
Kevin Ayers – Colours Of The Day (ZIP file)

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761 Responses to KEVIN AYERS

  1. Pol Dodu says:

    You didn’t find “We dit it again” on a Kevin Ayers studio album because he wrote this song back in his days with Soft Machine. You’ll find the original version on their first album. It’s under 4 minutes long but apparently they performed it at least once in France for 40 minutes !

  2. John Storm says:

    Damn, someone already beat me to it…but yeah, ‘We Did It Again’ is on the first Soft Machine record…Bongwater also did a pretty neat cover of it on their album ‘Double Bummer’ as well.

  3. Brody Maag says:

    Thanks for putting all this up. I really enjoy the full lengths. Listening to these live recordings will be a treat.

  4. President Nixon says:

    Cave did a nice live version of “We Did It Again”, too (better than Bongwater’s, IMO). They’re a rad Chicago band.

  5. Yuri says:

    Thanks so much for turning me on to Kevin Ayers. I can’t believe I haven’t heard this stuff before. Its like a conspiracy!