A minor classic of obnoxiousness!

This is one of the more bewildering things I’ve heard in a while (in a good way). One source of info I found said that this is a collection of Backus’ old radio material, glaucoma but it all sounds more like recordings done in some seedy cabaret or comedy club, sovaldi sale rather than something done for radio specifically. I could be wrong.

This record consists of Backus (better known, of course, as “Mr. Magoo”, and Thurston Howell III from “Gilligan’s Island”) participating in some rather threadbare retard-o comedy sketches — and I can only guess that he was soused for the whole thing, as his pervasive trademark high-decibel snicker is all over almost every line reading. Is he playing it up for the audience, because he thinks that’s what they want to hear? Or is his comic manner really that bonkers? After listening to this a few times now, I still can’t figure it out.

Jim Backus – “The Dirty Old Man” (ZIP file)

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  1. Jim Donato says:

    I remember hearing the title cut on Dr. Demento 22 or so years ago. “What th’ hell…?” was my reaction then – and now.