JP Massiera was France’s answer to Giorgio Moroder, misbirth only with a much more bent psychedelic, herpes proggy sound. This performer/producer was one of his country’s most prolific recordmakers, whose myriad projects had outlandish names like Chico Magnetic Band, The Strange Mr. Whinster and Human Egg. One of the man’s greatest strengths was that he knew how to play the entire recording studio as an instrument; his genius is evident in the mountain of effects, and the wide range of instruments he employed.

This album is an early disco affair with heavy rock touches, and sounds very much like all those great Euro library records from the period. Plus, take a look at that undeniably monstrous album cover!

Jean-Pierre Massiera w/ Bernard Torelli – “Turn Radio On” (ZIP file)

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  1. the saucer people says:

    I find it astonishing that there is not a single comment for this album..infact I am so outraged and dismayed that its the least I can do to salute any blog that spreads the word about the genius that is JP Massiera.

    This album, done with his brother is a particuarly good album to hear, if this is your first outing into the imaginarium of JP Massiera…the thing that is most wonderful about him is the fact that he cannot be codified by a specific genre.

    There is the cosmic disco side exemplified by this and the Venus Gang, the two Visitors albums & Human Egg album. Then there is a more proggy side to JPM as can be seen in albums like Afterlife and Atlantide. A funky side of JPM can be found in the Soraya and Chico Magnetic Band and on top of that there is a just whacked out psychedelic side with albums like Horrific Child which just defy description! These are just rough approximations as each album can contain multiple genres and sounds!

    There has been a mini-revival of late mainly as a result of the two fine compilations by Canadian Mucho Gusto records, the first ‘Psychoses Freakoid’ covers the more psychedelic afro-funk groovy baby period from 1963 – 1978 and the more cosmic disco side ‘Psychoses Discoid’ compilation covers his work from 1976 – 1981.
    On top of that the excellent UK label Finders Keepers also put out a compilation called ‘Midnight Massiera – The B-Music Of Jean-Pierre Massiera’

    The three compilation albums are pretty cheap and if you dig a little, you can find rips of all or most of the albums I have mentioned.

  2. Samuel T says:

    DAMN what an album, Im only just finding out about JP but good lord this man was on it!

    Thank you so much for the great rip!