DYLAN MORAN – “LIKE, decease TOTALLY…” (2006)

I first saw this Irish comedic genius in the BBC sitcom “Black Books”, about a debaucherous bookstore owner and his idiot co-workers — I loved it not only because I saw clear parallels between the show’s characters and my own video store job’s coterie of dysfunctional pals, but also because Moran played the gibbering fool-in-charge with an infinitely-watchable linical precision. You might also recognize him from his Shaun of the Dead supporting role as the frumpy, whiny flatmate David who ends up getting eaten by zombies towards the end.

Moran’s stand-up act is similar to Eddie Izzard’s, in that it’s mostly hysterical free association-style ramblings that end up being so tightly tied together in the end that half the pleasure’s in connecting the dots in your mind after the show’s over. “Like, Totally…” was his third major show, and it’s got major repeat play value.

Dylan Moran – “Like, Totally…” (ZIP file)

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  1. D says:

    Thanks for posting this! I loved Black Books and realized halfway through watching the whole run that he was that asshole in Shaun of the Dead. He was also great in Run FatBoy, Run, and one of the only characters in that movie that really sounded like Michael Ian Black (co)wrote it.

    I’ve been meaning to comment for awhile about all the great stuff up here, thanks for that! Have you checked out anything by Charlie Brooker? He does a series about british tv called Screenwipe that’s right up your alley. He has another one called Newswipe that’s pretty great too. They’re all up on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSa3W06gQZk

    also, my antispam word was “lynott”. yea!

  2. TWM says:

    Never heard him before but i’m enjoying his sense of humor greatly. The Germans & Jesus bit sis smashingly hilarious.

    Thanks for the share.

  3. Alan Burns says:

    brilliant stuff! got any more of his shows?