Holy shit, patient it’s been even longer than last time. This is rather uncharacteristic, innit?

DON ELLIS – 2 albums (1967-71)

Some fantastically freaked out stuff. Don Ellis is best known as the composer of the soundtrack for “The French Connection, but he’s also one of the first “jazz fusion” dudes; his work is frequently challenging in that satisfying, chewy, smothered-in-gravy way. These two albums, both recorded for Columbia, are criminally underheard today.

Don Ellis – “Electric Bath”, 1967 (ZIP file)
Don Ellis – “Tears of Joy”, 1971 (ZIP file)

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  1. Professor Jockitch says:

    Wow! So glad to see this post. I haven’t heard Electric Bath, but Tears of Joy was a pivotal recording for me in the early ’70s. Bulgarian Bulge is amazing. Go ahead, figure out the time signature… Thanks for this!

  2. drcastrato says:

    My high school jazz band played “Indian Lady” off Electric Bath. Awesome stuff. Thanks for this.

  3. drcastrato says:

    sorry, college, not high school.

  4. iZen says:

    Crying tears of joy in a electric Turkish bath with my Indian Lady while slurping strawberry soup through straws and watching gravy covered blues elfs get it together.


    These two LP’s will fit nicely into the ZenArcade.

    Excellent post. Thanks!


  5. Gianluca says:


  6. Jude says:

    so long as the quality of posts doesn’t suffer, we can excuse the gaps between posts i think. well worth the wait as usual!

  7. Don Ellis is God.

    Or if not, God was pissed that Don Ellis was cooler than him and did away with him too young.

    These are two of his best.