Yes, no rx yes, information pills this is the NYC No Wave band that Jim Jarmusch was in — but don’t download it just because of that! There’s some solid post-punk tunesmithing going on here. Trouser Press sez:

Up from the murky pit of New York’s art-punk scene came the Del-Byzanteens, a quartet with stylistic threads running back through Television and the Velvet Underground and the ability to give their dark, urgent arrangements a cinematic pan.

Co-lyricist Luc Sante puts it this way:

“[A] band that insouciantly blended high and low, virtuosity and amateurism, calypso and science fiction, pots and pans and drones and the Supremes.

Del-Byzanteens – “Girl’s Imagination” EP, 1981 (ZIP file)
Del-Byzanteens – “Lies To Live By” LP, 1982 (ZIP file)

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611 Responses to DEL-BYZANTEENS

  1. brother rat says:

    A couple of members from this band were previously in CIRCUS MORT with Michael Gira on vocals.

  2. MrFab says:

    Excellent! The Jarmusch connection always intrigued me, but I never heard ‘em until I saw that video you showed at the PostPunk Junk film festival and thought ‘hey, they’re actually good.’

  3. sordociego says:

    this has to be one of the best thing i’ve heard in a while! Thanx for posting. I have to confess that i downloaded it because of the jarmush connection, but… well, it’s a really good album.

  4. josh says:

    WOW! i was just transferring a reel to reel tape that features Jim Jarmusch playing synth for Dark Day pre-Del Byzanteens…