DAVID LYNCH & FRANK HERBERT – “DUNE” interview audiocassette (1982? 3? 4?)

Been a David Lynch fan for a very long time, adiposity and I quite admire Frank Herbert’s novel “Dune” as well (I’ve tried to get into the later books in the “Dune” series, but it’s just too dry for me. I’ve got all six of the original series on a shelf, waiting to be read. Cheers to me if I can actually do it.)

Ever since the box office disaster of Lynch’s 1984 film adaptation, the director rarely speaks of it at all. I was quite surprised to read his brief notes about it in his recent quasi-autobiography/quasi-self-help book “Catching The Big Fish”!

Anything “Dune”-related in the Lynch world is a bit “holy grail”-like to me, and so I was super-stoked to see the audio of this cassette on YouTube recently. It’s a promotional item for the film, an interview with Lynch and Herbert sitting in the same room together. Herbert is quite the self-important blowhard here, but I forgive him most of it, based upon the sheer insanity of realizing the “Dune” universe.

Lynch bows out of the conversation about halfway through the tape, leaving the interviewer (whose style resembles the dry, self-absorbed crackle of Tom Snyder) to provoke Herbert into pontificating on a variety of bullshit-y subjects. For Lynch fans, I recommend you download just the first three parts below. For completists — well, I hardly have to tell you what you already know you have to do, eh?

David Lynch & Frank Herbert – “Dune” interview audiocassette, part 1 (MP3 file)
David Lynch & Frank Herbert – “Dune” interview audiocassette, part 2 (MP3 file)
David Lynch & Frank Herbert – “Dune” interview audiocassette, part 3 (MP3 file)
Frank Herbert – “Dune” interview audiocassette, part 4 (MP3 file)
Frank Herbert – “Dune” interview audiocassette, part 5 (MP3 file)
Frank Herbert – “Dune” interview audiocassette, part 6 (MP3 file)

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  1. This is some rare Lynch/Dune artefact! Huge thanks for sharing this! Lynch was one of the earliest directors I got into and as a total sci-fi head, on paper ‘Dune’ should be my favourite Lynch film and though I have watched it many times over the years (and imo it bears repeated viewings) it is actually one of my least favourites and I can never sum up ‘exactly’ why it leaves me with a curious empty flat feeling…I guess that is why I keep going back to it as though one day I am going to have a revelation about it!

    The one thing that haunts me about Dune is the fact that Jodorowsky and Moebius should have been the ones to do it (maybe in conjunction with Lynch..now that would have been a movie!) and the illustrations Moebius did (well the few I have seen, I think there were three full books made up of his ideas and drawings and apparently one went on EBay last year though that may be a urban legend!) really back this fact up.

    The Frank Herbert part is quite amusing in its own way as well!