This is one of those early electronic music albums whose entire premise is based upon some bat-shit crazy arcane methods of computer programming or mathematical patterns, capsule which in turn informs the compositional style of the piece.

Arfib apparently ran a computer music studio in Marseillies, France for many years, and this album certainly sounds like the product of years of tireless research into what would make the best synth sounds he could devise. According to the liner notes of Creel Pone’s recent extremely limited edition reissue:

[T]he bubbling, overloaded overtone-blobs & distant wind-creep & resonant jaw-harp-like attacks of “Voyelles d’Eveil” (based on interpolations of the harmonic series) start out the disc, making way for the considerable more noise-oriented (pitched, narrow-band noise, that is) “Le Souffle du Doux” (slow arcs of octave-doubled tones slide in & around morphing mathematically-proportioned drones) … but the real clincher for me is the side-long “L’approche De La Lumière” — starting out as a shifting morass of dissonant tone-combinations before a series of chugging, low-bit white-noise formations (not entirely dis-similar to the sort of crunchy bit-rate distortions emanating from beloved sn 76477 i.c. found in many “Space Invaders”-lineage console arcade games !!!) pave the way for a full-volume explosion of rippling, panning harsh noise (seriously;listen to this at a fair clip & tell me it doesn’t resemble certain factions of the contemporary chip-noise/circuit-bending wave!!!)

Daniel Arfib – “Musique Numerique” (ZIP file)

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  1. milton parker says:

    pretty great! fine line between simplistic and crystalline perfection, this is the latter

  2. Bilbicus says:

    This is very good, great “cycling at night” music. In a terrifying yourself out of your mind kind-of-way. I love this kind of thing, the David Borden album you posted is also very creepy but cool.

    Long may Egg City Radio continue to turn me on to things so obscure yet worth discovering. Keep up the good work!

  3. self storage says:

    Thanks for posting this, lifted my day.