Is this New Age? Is this experimental? Is this awesome? Is this a pain in the ass? It’s a little bit of all four.

All the tracks on this album are played entirely on bells and gongs, remedy and then electronically treated, adiposity warped — futzed with! It can be meditative, and it can also cause extreme anger in co-workers when played on a communal office stereo system. I have a high tolerance with for this stuff, so I dunno if you’re gonna be into it — but try it, will ya?

Cylob is the pseudonym of UK musician Chris Jeffs. who was originally signed to Aphex Twin’s record label in the mid-’90s. I haven’t heard anything else he’s done, but I’m gonna assume it’s a little harsher and freaky than this record.

Cylob – “Mood Bells” (ZIP file)

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730 Responses to CYLOB

  1. thesecretlivesofcats says:

    Cylob…really talented, quirky guy. That someone as talented as Cylob is off Rephlex, and a band as ho-hum as Plaid get name dropped so much I think reflects poorly on Rephlex’s promotion strategy…maybe just bad timing. He’s known for more funky, glitchy beats and a few harsh ones, yes, but I think mostly for tweaking out the MacIn Talk computer voices in his records before everything was auto tuned. This record might have been made to fulfill a contract. All of this is pure speculation of course.

  2. Justin says:

    I completely agree with the above comment about Cylob’s relative obscurity vs. his musical talents. Cylobian Sunset is an amazing record. If you haven’t heard that one, that’s my favorite. Ranges from almost Komische-style (e.g. Rodelius/Cluster/etc. ) mellow beauty to more midtempo unusual glitchy stuff. All around great album. One I can listen to straight through without skipping a single track. Lobster Tracks is also excellent. Overall faster than Cylobian Sunset.

  3. bao-bao says:

    “Quirky” is probably a good word for this – there are a number of gong and large temple bell / prayer bowl recordings for meditation, but this one’s a good country mile away from those. I’ve played about half of it this morning (loud enough to hear while I putzed around the house here) and found it interesting, myself – although the chihuahua next door went bonkers. I’m pleased to have recently found your site – it’s fun. Keep up the good work!