Without a doubt, check this is one of the great unsung albums of the original post-punk era. I’ve spun this record more times than almost any other period, outside of perhaps the obvious collected mass of Joy Division, Gang of Four and PiL stuff. It’s smart, fun, danceable, charming, unique, and most of all, catchy as fuck. Trouser Press sez:

Ken Lockie, an early cog in the loose Clash/Pistols axis that revolved around guitarist Keith Levene and eventually led to the creation of Public Image Ltd., is the man behind Cowboys International. The ’70s edition specialized in deceptively chipper numbers about fear, loathing and love betrayed. Credited to Cowboys International®, The Original Sin is a cornucopia of clever and well-tooled high-tech pop songs (“Thrash” was the one that got club play at the time), each a should-have-been hit. Lockie’s vocals provide a human counterpoint to the crisp metallic happenings in the instrumental work, aided by a musical team that includes original Clash drummer Terry Chimes as well as a guest turn by Levene.

I wish I had a better-quality encoding of this album, but alas, it remains at 128k. Do not let that deter you in any way, friends, for the music on this vinyl rip is so infectious that you’ll tear your own eyes out if you find yourself suddenly without it. (I would post the entire “Revisted” CD re-release instead, but the mastering on it sounds way thinner, and ultimately less inviting than this rip.)

Cowboys International® – “The Original Sin” LP (ZIP file)

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  1. chuj says:

    ja jebie

  2. jon sanchez says:

    Man, what a great album! I recognize “Thrash” and a few others. How did this pass me by? Thanks for posting.

  3. Maury says:

    Yo, this album is good, but not the classic you make it out to be imho. All too often we elevate obscure music simply because of its obscurity. Case in point.

  4. Dr. Gunni says:

    Sounds a lot like Psychedelic Furs. Thanks for posting and thanks for yr page. I remember this album slightly from yore.

  5. bret says:

    Maury —

    I didn’t post this album “because” of its obscurity. I posted it because I liked it a lot. Therefore it is a classic to me, because of its high repeat play value, and the fact that to me every track on the album is catchy and unique in parts for the period.

    If we didn’t elevate gems from the pool of obscurity, we might as well pack in this whole MP3 blog thing, eh?

  6. Maury says:


    I’m super glad you posted the record. I think more people need to hear it because it is sweet!

    Keep up the excellent work – this is one of the few blogs I keep coming back to.

  7. Doug says:

    Already have this album in vinyl,CD and mp3.A personal favourite.If you like this Cowboys International album you may also like The Distractions ‘Nobody’s Perfect’ album.Never on CD.I do have the vinyl.A very nice vinyl rip of The Distractions album is available at the PVAc blog at 224 kbps.Highly recommended.

    And,of course, I appreciate this blog immensely!Thanks.

  8. Yo, Yo, Yo says:

    Once again, Egg City is too modest in its description. Not just an LP download here, but also some nice bonus tracks…and, yes, it does sound better than the CD reissue. Not a perfect album, but it certainly kicks off with four amazing tracks.

  9. hfs radio fan says:

    heard it played in a Washington DC record store and bought it on the spot. It’s a true classic especially side one. I made a copy and sent it to someone who fell in love with it as well.

  10. Sammy V says:


    High repeat value is an understatement!


  11. p0l says:

    I found this vynil rip in soulseek. It’s a VBR v0.

  12. I posted this awhile ago after some advice from some listeners. Just click my name. But one some is corrupt. However, the rip is with an oval needle and converted to 320 mp3 so maybe it will sound good too. Thanks for your blog, I have been following since your film fest info. post since I used to live in LA in 2003–good to know someone connected again. I will check out the Distractions too thank you for that Doug! (I have been downloading all of Doug and the Slugs today..ha ha. Connections rule!

  13. granata says:

    Doug & Viacom… you may be interested to know that in the new year Occultation Recordings will be releasing the first ever Distractions retrospective, following the two comeback EPs (‘Black Velvet’ and ‘Come Home’) we’ve seen this year. The compilation ‘Nothing’ will contain the debut EP, the Factory single and much more. Keep an eye on and for details. Cheers