Everyone obviously knows “Blade Runner” is a pinnacle of ’80s sci-fi, caries and that its soundtrack (by Vangelis) went a long way to help cement the film’s reputation. Its soaring synths and sharp edges has been stuck in my craw ever since my first viewing of the film almost twenty years ago; the music and the images are inextricably linked in every way.

The official soundtrack album to the film didn’t actually have a release until the mid-’90s, health system several years after I’d already become infatuated with the film. Throughout the ’80s and early ’90s, the only CD that was available (due to legal reasons) was a re-intrepretation of the score by the “New American Orchestra”, which was serviceable, but ultimately not the same listening experience. Finally, in ’94, a single-disc collection of Vangelis music from the film was released, but there was still over an hour’s worth of stuff left out!

Over the years, there have been various bootleg compilations of Vangelis’ released + unreleased score portions, but the most complete one so far, even when taking into consideration the recent official 3-disc “25th Anniversary” release, was the “Esper edition”. I’ve presented it here for you, as well as the “New American Orchestra” release, the “Blade Runner: The Audio Cut” bootleg (which presents audio rips of the various versions of the film edited together to make it more of a “radio play”), and the “Los Angeles: November 2019″ disc (which is an edited-together montage of sound effects, music and other audio bits from the film and the ’90s “Blade Runner” video game, all intended to “place you within the ‘Blade Runner’ world” — kinda like a New Age-y meditation tape, but time-warped from near-future.)

1. “Blade Runner: The Audio Cut” (ZIP file)
2. Vangelis – “Blade Runner”: The Esper Edition (ZIP file)
3. “Los Angeles: November 2019 (ZIP file)
4. The New American Orchestra – “Blade Runner” (ZIP file)

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771 Responses to BLADE RUNNER

  1. el says:

    I love your bloggy things. ive been hanging out since post punk junk thanks dude.

  2. Roger_Camden says:

    love vangelis
    love blade runner

  3. Jurgen says:

    Thank you so much for this – this soundtrack has a calming effect on me, a sci-fi lullaby :)

  4. Flying Spaghetti Monster says:

    love it. “Sushi Bar – Damask Rose” has 2 glitchy hiccups in it. does yours?

  5. Lurky says:

    Thank you very, very much for this one. Already had the soundtrack LP “New American Orchestra” for about 20 Years or so. But this one here is such a gift for me. Wow!

  6. TWM says:

    I’ve never heard of the Los Angeles: November 2019 album, but it sounds right up my alley especially as I loved the game back in the day. Glad you are sharing the ‘Esper’ album as well….its so, so much better/more complete than that official 3-disc one.

  7. Plague says:


  8. mikesss says:

    There are indeed two artifact hiccups on the esper version of sushi bar 1 at 1:06 and another at 1:18. Hopped onto Soulseek and hunted down a replacement track. thx for this

  9. thesecretlivesofcats says:

    Love the Los Angles 2019 version! I’m gonna it for my plants to ready them for the mecha future. Does anyone know the story of why OMD’s track Junk Culture and is almost identical to Salomes Dance on the Esper version? Do Androids Strip To Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark? (sorry :P).

  10. Ian Zamboni says:

    oh snap i just upped the esper one too, total parallel thought

  11. Sem Sinatra says:

    Thanks a lot. Lovely stuff

  12. breakfif says:

    @thesecretlivesofcats … “Junk Culture was first aired live during the late 1983 tour. The rhythm track used is from the Emulator library and was also used by Vangelis for the soundtrack to the film Bladerunner.”