This week’s been another one of those grit-yer-teeth holyfuckingshit kinda periods at my workplace, stuff so I haven’t been able to get up anything new this past few days.

Many sorrys for that, order but I’ll be digging my heels in and getting things here at ECR back to normal over the weekend –


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764 Responses to BEAR WITH ME…

  1. vernonhardapple13 says:

    No worries, mate…

  2. dave g says:

    You never owe us an explanation! Egg City is a GREAT site and I always look forward to whatever you choose to share. Thanks as always!!

  3. some dude says:

    no sweat, mr. egg city. keep it coming as you have the time. your site is one of my all time favorites…ever! :)

  4. Justiin says:

    Bear with Bearforce 1:

    (speaking of amanda lear…)

  5. BIGBLACK says:

    That’s IT! I can’t take it any more!

    I’m suing pizza hut over this bullshit receipt they gave me!